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December 6, 2009

Hi, My name is David. I live in the Greater Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) area of the United States and am here to just say hello for now.

I will be starting a podcast in January and hope you will tune in. The format I plan on using will be to entertain you as well as stimulate you to thinking about your world and the culture surrounding you. As an American, I see a culture which is constantly changing but also was, from its inception, established on what we consider a traditional standard of living that I see daily being challenged for the good as well as evil.

Our purpose is to help to guide the listener safely through our culture to make the necessary life decisions and possibly inspire you to change it as well as discern the signs of the times in which we live, where we have come from and where we are going.

You should also be aware that in the world we live this doesn't only apply to me as an American, but also people all over the world. We are connected through so many ways, including the world wide web, so that what affects a person on one side of the world affects someone on the other side at the same time.

This blog site is designed to go along side of the podcast to let you know what to expect before each show and also give you an easy way to post your response and feedback, which I may choose to include in later shows. Audio clips may also be used, at my discretion.

Please do not use profanity, vulgarity or any type of communication that would be considered offensive or inappropriate as to respect all that would be involved with this site.

I encourage you to give me thoughts and feedback as we go together on this journey and hope to hear from you.!

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