What Does Jesus Think?

November 25, 2011

Black Friday in the good old US of A. Who is the marketeer that originated this, or was this in the deepest, darkest parts of a place where nothing good ever comes out of? Don't get me wrong, I am not going to type about the evils of gift giving and "Satan Claus" or anything like that. I am just trying to get a perspective.

I sat at the Thanksgiving table yesterday in a restaurant (if that is even allowable) and overheard a conversation of a person who said she had to run to sundry different places just to get a local newspaper because they were being bought in multiples by people who wanted the coupons in the advertisements.

Later that evening, I went over to my niece's house to visit her and her family and my brother and the rest of his local family. There they were sitting around the dining room table going through the ads and coupons to find their "Black Friday" deals. Maybe I am not too up to date with the whole thing, and the fact that I have to work the day after the holiday impedes me from being a partaker, but even if I wasn't working I doubt I would be part of the scene. I am usually a last two weeks, even last two hours type of shopper. I really do want to change that somewhat this year.

The reason for the title here, though, is the fact that people can't wait to run out and line up outside of stores and malls, even in the worst weather sometimes to try to get the deal that is almost nonexistent. The "42 inch television for $299" or the 2 for one whatever that the merchandisers use to lure people into the stores. Even with fine print showing that there are only five available or certain sizes only or whatever, people will still try to get the bargain.

My inspiration today was a news article at a local mall where there were reports of women getting into shoving matches and fist fights over a special on yoga pants at Victoria's Secret. Really? Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of just that. Thanking God for his faithfulness, guidance, protection and provision throughout the year. For many it is a time for the family to get together to stop their busy lives and appreciate each other.

Do we really need to now make the focus on just shopping? There will be lots of that for us over the next few weeks. Let's take some time to consider each other and not impulse buying that is being so heavily promoted by the merchandising community. They'll make their money, we'll get our gifts and soon enough, it will all be over.

Just remember, Jesus is the reason for the season, and we should remember to have fun and be patient. Trust Him to help you to help others while we are out there and remember, the deal you may have lost out on today will be back. It was just a "come on" by the advertisers and not worth the fights.

Be blessed and let God guide you throughout your buying season. Now I have to go out to the mall...;)

What Will Your Legacy Be?

November 14, 2011

I hail from Pittsburgh PA in the USA. There has been quite a fury and spotlight from a little town built around a little town about three hours east of here. State College is the home of the Pennsylvania State University, which has been widely in the news because of a salacious and disgusting scandal involving a former assistant Football coach who was as well the director of a program for children entitled Second Mile. The man in question was at one time speculated to be the successor to Joe Paterno, the greatly successful and legendary coach of the Penn State football team. This could have been one of the greatest honours he could have attained in that field. Unfortunately for him and many others involved he let an obsession control him and has caused him great trouble. He has affected many families and young people by allegedly doing things which I will not even mention or discuss in this writing which can be read by anyone who happens upon it. His name (which I will not mention due to the legal implications hanging over him) will be known in a very negative light from hence. Mr. Paterno, who is well known and highly respected by his followers and supporters, now has some answering for things that he had little interaction with but when confronted one time did virtually nothing. He may have not known or understood the severity of it, or maybe he did and didn't want to have a scandal involving the university for which he worked. These things are for others to consider.

Today I am interested in legacy. What will Joe's legacy be? I hope he can recover from bad publicity and possibly one great action not being taken with enough influence and judgment. After all, “the Captain goes down with the ship”. He was the most influential man in his town and at the university.

For the accused, I hope that he can find forgiveness in his family and ask God for forgiveness and healing and deliverance because the legacy he will leave on Earth will be one of such that if anyone would be reminded of him would be as negative as one could get. I shan't elaborate due to the nature of his crimes and the devastation of the lives of his victims and their families.

I just got through perusing a biography of Roy Orbison. He is considered by many as a legend in the entertainment field and pop culture covering generations from the 1940's through 1988. His accomplishments were greater than the tragedies and shortcomings in his life and he could always find a way to recover. It was stated in one account, “As the psychedelic rock movement took hold in the late 1960s, Orbison felt lost, later saying '[I] didn't hear a lot I could relate to so I kind of stood there like a tree where the winds blow and the seasons change, and you're still there and you bloom again.'" He went on to even greater things in the years to come. His legacy is multifaceted and is still being celebrated in the industry.

The Holy Bible ­— The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 26. A man named Paul, a Jewish born Roman citizen brought before the court on false charges but eventually lost his life to the corrupt and godless Roman government. You can actually get a more detailed understanding of his situation by starting your reading with chapter 22; or just start reading the beginning of the book of the Acts to get a greater perspective. His legacy was one of a man who persecuted the Church that Jesus Christ had established. He tortured, beat, imprisoned and antogonized Christians until he became one, after which he was the most zealous person to see the world changed for the sake of Christ's gospel. He was entrusted by God to write most of the New Testament documents because he didn't write because he was a writer, but an instrument in the hand of God. His legacy was that he gave “all he had and all he was” for the cause of Christ. Your legacy will be what you make of it, but in light of eternity, only what is done for Christ will last.

God can make or change a legacy. What will your legacy be?

Crying Uncle

August 20, 2010

What does it mean to "cry uncle" to you?  Well, I looked it up online to see the origins and meaning and it isn't a playful little thing.  Although we many times as children may have played that little game, it started as something much more like bullying.  Think about how you deal with this and how you would feel if you were in this situation.  You may be, or you may know someone who is on the receiving end of bullying.

After you listen, let me have our feedback.


Here We Go…Vacation Time

July 21, 2010

I know I haven't added anything since May 2010 but I now feel more on track than ever. I have been here in Myrtle Beach SC (one of my most favorite places in the whole world and about 1,000,000 times better than Pittsburgh PA) and really found an inspiration. When I get home next week I have to get ready to post a podcast (look for BinnacleBox on iTunes or Podbean.com) and keep things current. Do you ever think you can't depend on anyone when you are despondent, depressed, in trouble or just plain feeling out of sorts? Well, I don't know everything, but I do know there is one who will always be in your corner and ready to help you through everything. It doesn't sound like much when it's 90+ degrees outside and all I see is sand and ocean and people here for the reason of having fun and relaxing, but we can't really escape reality. If I could leave everything behind and not care of worry about anything for a week, oh, how wonderful that would be! I do my best but I am still on Planet Earth and still bound to the Adamic curse. The only thing I can do is rely on the only one who can bear and share my burdens. Sun and sand is just like taking an aspirin for a headache. It may disappear for a little while but it will soon be back. Read Psalm 116 and listen to the podcast in a week or so and get a bit of understanding of the only solution for our problems. As nice as Myrtle Beach and the warm Atlantic Ocean water may be, it only is a temporary relief to everday life, so I have to keep in mind it is just a much needed vacation that will too soon come to an end.

Not So Bad After All!

May 4, 2010

Well, I am now more informed. I did cause my computer problem and it was really not as bad as I thought, although my yahoo mail sent junk mails to my complete contact list without my permission.
On a more serious thought, have you been doing things daily because everyone else does it? Do you see things happening that you don't like or agree with, but you feel powerless to speak up or do anything to change them? I know I do quite often. We shouldn't feel so intimidated that our voice doesn't matter but many times that is exactly how it is. There has to be a standard which we adhere to. I recently saw a shirt that had "Sons of Anarchy" on it and thought I wouldn't want to be associated with that. Just the thought of anarchy means lawlessness and rebellion. Sometimes we need "civil disobedience" to bring attention to social injustices when no one is listening, but as a rule, conformity to laws and rules brings civilization. We can change society, or at least bring attention to things that seem so wrong or inconsistent with our beliefs and lifestyles, by living within the order we are in. Let us try to live every day to affect someone with goodness and kindness but not giving in to the things which we do not agree with.

Oh the pain of it all!!!

April 19, 2010

I know it is my fault and I am not sure what I did, but my computer is not working right now so it will be some time before I can get back to what I started. Hopefully in a day or two I or someone will be able to get this thing figured out and I can get back to my podcast that is already running late!. Until then, when I get a chance I will try to post some stuff to this blog from my computer here at work.
God bless and please stand by...

Easter Sunday

April 4, 2010

Hi again. Today is April 4, 2010. This is the day that the Lord has made. Most people call it Easter Sunday, Ressurection Sunday, the one day that defines Christianity from any other belief system or religion. Read 1 Corinthians 15 for a detailed explanation of what it is about. The Messiah, Jesus, lived, died and ressurected. History has shown it to be true and so many other things about the Bible have corroborated this account. Sin has no hold on us any more; but for that to be we have to acknowledge the truth of this.
When I was growing up it seemed that everyone went to church on Easter, Prostestants, Catholics, athiests, ...most everyone. Now there seems to be more apathy towards the acklowledgement of God. Back then EVERYONE knew the Easter bunny was just folklore; a story that kids listened to, like a children's novel. These days people teach their kids as if this is an important thing. They buy gifts for no obvious reason, go to get photographs with a thing the likes would scare Harvey (check out Jimmy Stewart on wikipedia or imdb.org) into hiding and plan activities around everything except church, when this is the very most important day on the Christian calendar.
I got an Easter basket when I was a kid, I did the Easter egg hunts and dressed my sharpest. I had a lot of family time and the whole thing, but Jesus was most important in our household and the Easter bunny was just a fable. Family and friends were visited or called in the afternoon, dinner was special that day, but Jesus and His death, burial and ressurection was first on the list.
Let's remember that Christians are Christians because of what Christ did for us and this is the most important reason we celebrate this season. I want to see you all go to church every Sunday with the intent of worship of the only one who can save you from what we would all face some day if it wasn't for His grace - eternal destruction.
Have a fun and Happy Easter and get ready for the next podcast about Affecting our Culture (probably 2 or 3 segments.)
From Binnacle Box, "He is Risen, Indeed!"

Finally I am Done

March 21, 2010

Well, it isn't pretty, but I finally got the first podcast out. I really want everyone to take the time to listen and respond to this. It actually went way too long (22:30) but at least it is done. I could have done much better and much shorter, but this is a first and a goal I started is now way over due but completed. Please email me or email audio files or send me something so I know someone is out there. Watch for my blogs, which I will try to send more frequently, and get ready for the next podcast.


How Long will it be?

March 4, 2010

I really wanted to get this podcast thing started for January 2010. Well, here it is March and I have really been too busy and whatnot. With the winter storms, power outages, cold and just regular stuff going on, I haven't taken the time to get finished with what I started. I will be getting to it soon, though, and hope to get some people interested and get some responses. Mark this down - March 15 - I want to be finished!!!!! Until then, please stand by...

My Perspective

January 18, 2010

Well, here is January 18, 2010. The podcast I planned to start this month is still not ready; I was "stuck in the mud". I was inspired by a news article I read, then not much more.
Yesterday in church the root of the message was a fill-in-the-blank type of message. We were asked to finish rewriting our Psalm 27:4 where David writes "I have asked the Lord for one thing – this is what I desire!
I want to live in the Lord’s house all the days of my life,so I can gaze at the splendor of the Lord and contemplate in his temple."

We were asked to ask the Lord for the one thing we most desire - not for material gain, but for the thing that is closest to our hearts. It could be for our families, fulfillment of a desire we have always had, a promise you feel God had given you; whatever you desire.
This was all contingent, of course, on your relationship with God and your understanding of His word.
One example given was Queen Esther (Old Testament, Book of Esther Chapter 7:1-4) who asked for deliverance from oppression and slavery of her people. I suggest you read the complete book to understand the whole account.
Another was when the prophet Elijah was to be taken from this earth. The account from 2 Kings Chapter 2: "2:9 When they had crossed over, Elijah said to Elisha, “What can I do for you, before I am taken away from you?” Elisha answered, “May I receive a double portion of the prophetic spirit that energizes you.” 2:10 Elijah replied, “That’s a difficult request! If you see me taken from you, may it be so, but if you don’t, it will not happen.”
The last example I will show was King Solomon, David's son, who in 2 Choronicles when asked of God what he desired to lead the people responded: "1:9 Now, Lord God, may your promise to my father David be realized, for you have made me king over a great nation as numerous as the dust of the earth. 1:10 Now give me wisdom and discernment so I can effectively lead this nation. Otherwise no one is able to make judicial decisions for this great nation of yours.” 1:11 God said to Solomon, “Because you desire this, and did not ask for riches, wealth, and honor, or for vengeance on your enemies, and because you did not ask for long life, but requested wisdom and discernment so you can make judicial decisions for my people over whom I have made you king, 1:12 you are granted wisdom and discernment. Furthermore I am giving you riches, wealth, and honor surpassing that of any king before or after you.”
All these quotes are taken from "The Net Bible", which you can download for free. You can also read them in your favorite translation. Read Phillipians 2:13 to get the perspective; it is not just your selfish desires, but as you draw closer to God he will give you desires to seek after.
Please note that Psalm 27 starts with David's praise and adoration to God, revealing his love for him. We should always start our prayer with God in mind, not us!

Now that I have a better perspective, I can get my podcast ready and hopefully get it posted by the end of January, as to not be too late!!!