A Fond Farewell to a Pittsburgh Icon

December 17, 2009

Today I am taking a minute to bid farewell to Fred Honsberger, a local radio newsman/talkshow host/radio personality who came to our fare city of Pittsburgh about 30 years ago and over time, became one of the most interesting people to talk to, hear and converse with. He was a most excellent as well as opinionated moderator and was very well respected by so many people from different sides of each topic of conversation. He was downright cool.

A few years ago I shared a couple emails with him to discuss my future and career I had put on hold. I found his answers to be direct and honest and had always thought I should have replied and consulted with him, but I never took the time or ventured out to question him more in depth. I thought about it often and now I really wish I had!

Anyone out there who is searching or not sure about who you are or where your future can take you - don't ever fail to take a step, or step out. You may just miss a golden opportunity you can never get back. I know I did.

I know it is too late to tell him, but to Mrs. Honsberger and his family I pray for God's guidance in the future and don't ever forget what a privilege you had to live with Fred for the time you had him.

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