What Does Jesus Think?

November 25, 2011

Black Friday in the good old US of A. Who is the marketeer that originated this, or was this in the deepest, darkest parts of a place where nothing good ever comes out of? Don't get me wrong, I am not going to type about the evils of gift giving and "Satan Claus" or anything like that. I am just trying to get a perspective.

I sat at the Thanksgiving table yesterday in a restaurant (if that is even allowable) and overheard a conversation of a person who said she had to run to sundry different places just to get a local newspaper because they were being bought in multiples by people who wanted the coupons in the advertisements.

Later that evening, I went over to my niece's house to visit her and her family and my brother and the rest of his local family. There they were sitting around the dining room table going through the ads and coupons to find their "Black Friday" deals. Maybe I am not too up to date with the whole thing, and the fact that I have to work the day after the holiday impedes me from being a partaker, but even if I wasn't working I doubt I would be part of the scene. I am usually a last two weeks, even last two hours type of shopper. I really do want to change that somewhat this year.

The reason for the title here, though, is the fact that people can't wait to run out and line up outside of stores and malls, even in the worst weather sometimes to try to get the deal that is almost nonexistent. The "42 inch television for $299" or the 2 for one whatever that the merchandisers use to lure people into the stores. Even with fine print showing that there are only five available or certain sizes only or whatever, people will still try to get the bargain.

My inspiration today was a news article at a local mall where there were reports of women getting into shoving matches and fist fights over a special on yoga pants at Victoria's Secret. Really? Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of just that. Thanking God for his faithfulness, guidance, protection and provision throughout the year. For many it is a time for the family to get together to stop their busy lives and appreciate each other.

Do we really need to now make the focus on just shopping? There will be lots of that for us over the next few weeks. Let's take some time to consider each other and not impulse buying that is being so heavily promoted by the merchandising community. They'll make their money, we'll get our gifts and soon enough, it will all be over.

Just remember, Jesus is the reason for the season, and we should remember to have fun and be patient. Trust Him to help you to help others while we are out there and remember, the deal you may have lost out on today will be back. It was just a "come on" by the advertisers and not worth the fights.

Be blessed and let God guide you throughout your buying season. Now I have to go out to the mall...;)

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