Not So Bad After All!

May 4, 2010

Well, I am now more informed. I did cause my computer problem and it was really not as bad as I thought, although my yahoo mail sent junk mails to my complete contact list without my permission.
On a more serious thought, have you been doing things daily because everyone else does it? Do you see things happening that you don't like or agree with, but you feel powerless to speak up or do anything to change them? I know I do quite often. We shouldn't feel so intimidated that our voice doesn't matter but many times that is exactly how it is. There has to be a standard which we adhere to. I recently saw a shirt that had "Sons of Anarchy" on it and thought I wouldn't want to be associated with that. Just the thought of anarchy means lawlessness and rebellion. Sometimes we need "civil disobedience" to bring attention to social injustices when no one is listening, but as a rule, conformity to laws and rules brings civilization. We can change society, or at least bring attention to things that seem so wrong or inconsistent with our beliefs and lifestyles, by living within the order we are in. Let us try to live every day to affect someone with goodness and kindness but not giving in to the things which we do not agree with.

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