Easter Sunday

April 4, 2010

Hi again. Today is April 4, 2010. This is the day that the Lord has made. Most people call it Easter Sunday, Ressurection Sunday, the one day that defines Christianity from any other belief system or religion. Read 1 Corinthians 15 for a detailed explanation of what it is about. The Messiah, Jesus, lived, died and ressurected. History has shown it to be true and so many other things about the Bible have corroborated this account. Sin has no hold on us any more; but for that to be we have to acknowledge the truth of this.
When I was growing up it seemed that everyone went to church on Easter, Prostestants, Catholics, athiests, ...most everyone. Now there seems to be more apathy towards the acklowledgement of God. Back then EVERYONE knew the Easter bunny was just folklore; a story that kids listened to, like a children's novel. These days people teach their kids as if this is an important thing. They buy gifts for no obvious reason, go to get photographs with a thing the likes would scare Harvey (check out Jimmy Stewart on wikipedia or imdb.org) into hiding and plan activities around everything except church, when this is the very most important day on the Christian calendar.
I got an Easter basket when I was a kid, I did the Easter egg hunts and dressed my sharpest. I had a lot of family time and the whole thing, but Jesus was most important in our household and the Easter bunny was just a fable. Family and friends were visited or called in the afternoon, dinner was special that day, but Jesus and His death, burial and ressurection was first on the list.
Let's remember that Christians are Christians because of what Christ did for us and this is the most important reason we celebrate this season. I want to see you all go to church every Sunday with the intent of worship of the only one who can save you from what we would all face some day if it wasn't for His grace - eternal destruction.
Have a fun and Happy Easter and get ready for the next podcast about Affecting our Culture (probably 2 or 3 segments.)
From Binnacle Box, "He is Risen, Indeed!"

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